Numbness, cramping, sharp pains. Maybe it’s tingling, burning, or it hurts to walk. You may have difficulty sleeping because of pain in your feet, hands, or legs.

If that sounds familiar, you are struggling with neuropathy, or nerve damage. Good news: relief is possible, without surgery or prescription drugs.

What is Neuropathy?

Neuropathy is not one single condition, but instead describes various health problems and the symptoms relating to nerve damage. Neuropathy is often caused by diabetes, but can also be caused by many other diseases and conditions including alcoholism, autoimmune disease, medications you are taking, infections, trauma, tumors, vitamin deficiency, and other disorders. There are four types of neuropathy:

More serious forms of neuropathy can lead to muscle weakness, painful cramps, twitching, a loss of reflexes, the feeling of wearing gloves or socks when you are not, heat intolerance, excess sweating, pain from a light touch, and more.

While the symptoms are not life-threatening, they can range from mildly frustrating to downright disabling and often lessen your quality of life. In some cases, the symptoms will pass over time as your body generates new cells. But in others, the nerve damage is permanent and irreversible.

You can find relief.

Vibrant Health Can Help You

Our team of medical, board-certified specialists will assess your condition and diagnose your type of neuropathy. For this, we’ll get a full medical history and a neurological exam. We can then create a customized treatment plan to bring you regenerative relief. Some of our neuropathy treatments include:

  • Stem-cell injections
  • Neurolight therapy
  • Hakomed Electrotherapy
  • Spark Wave Therapy

Our care team offers effective, safe treatments — often with better results and fewer complications than surgery.

If you’re ready to take control over your life, contact our team to set up a free consultation.

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