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Miriam Nakamoto

"These guys are good at what they do!"

"It was a tough moment for me because I had stem cells done in Panama and th-y hurt terribly. Even a smidge of pain from the needle and my mind went back to the memory intense pain and trauma.
Thanks for not putting me through that again!
One thing about this team that really stands out to me is how personalized and thorough they are. I would give them a 10/10 and highly recommend!"


“I would get up and have a difficult time just walking a few steps.  I had pain and would talk Tylenol to help somewhat, but getting out of bed was a struggle. Within 3-4 weeks I saw a change and now I have just about ZERO pain. Its like night and day and it has given me much relief. I would say I feel 90-95% better “


“Had an accident, a man from the trauma center said I should have blown both shoulders out, but they help up. I have better strength in my hips. I had 10 spinal surgeries, and now I feel about 60% better with about 8-10 months of therapies to go.”


“60% of my Neuropathy is much better after 3 months of treatment. I was diagnosed with Type2 diabetes. Long trips are hard for me because the bottoms of my feet become warm and sometimes I feel tingling and sometimes sharp pain coming up my foot.  But this time I had very little pain during my trip to the Philippines. My neuropathy has gotten better. I don’t’ have my episodes anymore that I used to feel everyday. My only regret is I did this a little late”


“Neck and back are doing great! When I came to you I couldn’t stand the pain in my neck or back as it was crushing pain. I don’t have either one of those anymore. I am more comfortable and life is better. I don’t have the pain anymore and I can do things that I couldn’t do.

I would tell anyone to consider doing it. It’s well worth it when after 3 months you don’t have this pain anymore. Quality of life is so much better!


“Its been amazing!  I ready to commit to knee replacement a try, but even after the first treatment I feel better.  After 2 weeks I am off all the over the counter pain medicine and off all the prescription pain medicine. I am much more functional.  I have severe arthristis in both of my knees and have been limited in my activities until this and I suggest anyone give it a try.”


When I came in I was in extreme pain in my left foot and in my ankle. The pain was a 9 out of a 10 that day and I was at my wits end to alleviate the pain. Today I feel 95% better. No pain my ankle, no pain in my foot. Right now I have been as good as shape as I have been in quite a while with my foot. What we have accomplished here has helped a great deal


See how much better this Pain Medicine Doctor is feeling with the help of Vibrant Health!

“I was having pain, it was bearable but noticeable.  I have and old injury of tearing of a rotator cuff.  I had limited motion of my arm because of my rotator cuff and now its more and its better and my pain is GONE!” 


“My shoulder was exceedingly painful, particularly where the muscles, the deltoid muscle inserts into the humerus, the bone right here on the shoulder. And it was to the point where I can hardly lie on it, or touch it even. So Dr. Borromeo and his consulting staff injected my shoulder. The mobility on the shoulder is much improved I’d say 80 percent, the pain is, I’d say 90% of that’s gone. And it’s really feeling a lot better and I feel better about myself just because I can hold my shoulder up! The treatment doesn’t hurt. And all of it has made my life better!”


“I was told surgery was the only option I had an I didn’t want to do it.  I found a dramatic loss of pain in my shoulders. On my last treatment for my shoulders the Dr said ‘the problem is coming from your neck’ which amazed me because I didn’t have pain in my neck.  I had pain radiating down my arms and I would say I feel close to 70% reduction in pain.  Im sleeping well at night. Im finding I can do little things now that I couldn’t do before. I think it was really a good idea to have the treatments”


“My knee pain limited me in what I could do.  My hand pain hurt all the time. More at some times than others, but it was constant pain. My left knee is at least 90% improved. No noticedable pain. The hands have improved at least 75%, the constant pain is gone. Much improved! Thank you so much, it has been GREAT!”


“It was hard to move. It was catching., I twas burning. I couldn’t’ lift my arm normally. Im at 80% improvement. I can do things most 72 year olds don’t do, but I am doing them. Its great, I am happy, Blessed!”


“My feet bothered me so bad I didn’t even want to put them on the floor in the mornings. Extreme pain to my toes, arches, and all. My feet improved! I get up in the morning, put my socks on and head out the door. Its made a big difference in my life. It has been great! Im at least 80-80% improved.  I would definitely do it again, No question whatsoever!”


“I wasn’t too steady on my feet. Im very pleased. My left knee is about 80% better than it was, and my right knee is about 60% better.  Im a lot better than I was. I would recommend it to anybody, I really would! “


“My pain was bad. I couldn’t even lift my arm up very much and my knee hurt all the time. I had trouble going up and down the steps. There were times I couldn’t concentrate it hurt so bad. My shoulders and knees are so much better.  I can raise my arm all the way up and I couldn’t before.  My knee has arthritis in it but I can feel it getting better.  Its easier for me to walk now! “


“My left knee is starting to feel  normal.  I don’t have the pain I had. Im getting better at bending down with the knee. Im getting the full use back. The results are proven. I was convinced and its worth the money”


This is amazing story of health improvement

“My knees always felt swollen like a telephone pole! You couldn’t bend them very well and when I did they were in pain.  My shins felt like they were getting weaker.  After treatment I felt relief. I’m not a good candidate for surgery and I’m glad I went this route because its changed my life”

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