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Vibrant Health is an integrative lifestyle, wellness, and longevity clinic. Pioneers in the future of healthcare, we are raising the bar in the treatment of anti-aging, brain health, pain, neuropathy and much more! Innovative technologies, non-drug procedures, and the minds of multiple healthcare specialists have allowed us to restore the quality of life for thousands of our patients.

Our non-drug and non surgical procedures, as well as our cutting edge therapies have the potential to reduce inflammation and heal tissue, cartilage, bone, and muscle. At Vibrant Health we strive to help our patients stop the suffering of long term health ailments and conditions often associated with aging. We are aging redefined and wellness reimagined!

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Client Reviews

Bernadette Pickles

As a professional CPT, & CCCA, I have been dealing with an chronic injury from a pulled hamstring for many years. This led to limited range of motion, hip pain and other lower leg abnormalities. With compassionate care, a personalized treatment plan was implemented to include PRP injections, Shockwave therapy and spinal/joint adjustments etc. Before my experience at this office, I was only receiving chiropractic adjustments and massage therapies at other fine establishments which brought only temporary relief at best. Sometimes your body needs more! My knowledge of PRP treatments and other services this team had to offer opened up a new world for me. I am currently without pain for the first time in over 6 years. I can not thank Dr. Borromeo and Dr. Hamlin for their excellent, compassionate care. They always go above and beyond to make YOU, the patient, their number 1 priority.

Bernadette Pickles

Miriam Nakamoto

I came to Vibrant Health for my right knee. I’d had 3 surgeries and 1 round of stem cells prior. I had been to so many physical therapists and doctors regarding my knee over the last 7 years and had yet to receive some solid answers or results. So needless to say I had low hopes for my first meeting at Vibrant Health. Dr Hamlin and Dr Mehta shocked me. I had never received such a thorough assessment. They told me things that no other medical professionals had up to that point. You can’t imagine the relief of finally getting answers! After 2 1/2 months I’m now two treatments in of PRP and stem cells and I already feel a decrease in pain and inflammation. I’m very excited for what the future may hold, perhaps I’ll be fighting again soon. Oh and by the way, I’m an 8x world champion so their work on me has meant the world to me. It’s quite literally, been life changing. Thank you Vibrant Health.

Miriam Nakamoto


“This is not just a good review of the excellence and the dedication of Vibrant Health is much more than that. I was struggling with my elbow for almost year…I had a few sessions with them, the whole team seems to work with the same passion as Doctor AJ, and after seeing so many doctors my recovery of there was unbelievable fast . They are so passionate about caring and really focus on patient recovery… I will be always grateful for his admirable sense of love and caring on his way to treat and see people”


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